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Dear Sir/Madam,Black Board International is an international educational publisher that has produced the Ashaware line of Afrocentric Educational Software to promote knowledge and understanding as well as increase motivation, self-esteem, reading and numeracy skills. The software provides current, historical, trustworthy, engaging and interactive instructional material that includes multimedia content, games, exercises, tests and activities. It is used internationally in schools, universities, homes, libraries, and organizations. The software is aligned with the US National Common Core Standards and other curriculum standards in various countries.

These programs have received approval for usage at all school levels by a number of educators in a variety of school and home based applications that include:

  1. Title I program applications
  2. resource material within the classroom, library,  home eg. projects, cultural days, additional reading assignments, educational games
  3. inclusion in all subject curricula, eg. individual teaching units, projects, activities
  4. use in after school, summer school, remedial and other special school programs

The positive effects of multicultural content on reading performances have been researched and documented by award-winning author and Harvard University Graduate, Dr. Jacqueline Fleming. According to Dr. Fleming "The results showed that exposure to multicultural materials in reading resulted in performances on culturally-relevant materials that was up to 112% better than on standard materials, and that culturally-relevant materials appeared to facilitate learning from standard to culturally-relevant materials. The results suggest that multicultural education not only serves the purposes of equity and cultural democracy, but also the purpose of enhancing the performance of African American students."

After consulting with a variety of educators, parents and school boards we at Black Board International, feel confident that our programs may be used in ways that will help meet the challenges faced by students, teachers, administrators, and parents in today's school systems. Don't miss this opportunity to expand the mind. Order your BBI Ashaware Afrocentric Software today.


Warren G. Salmon
C.E.O and Founder


includes new and updated images, articles, sounds, and the exciting new game "Who Wants to be an African Historian Extraordinaire!"

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