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The various programs that BBI offers have been designed to meet the following Goals and Objectives;

To develop, build and improve:



Over the years, school curricula has in some cases failed to be inclusive of all races, and has in other cases been a source of negative information about certain races. This exclusion and lack of positive material has often led to racist and derogatory attitudes, as well as a lack of knowledge and understanding towards and within the targeted group(s).

In order to address these concerns, BBI's curriculum is designed to facilitate the development of children of all cultures, by building and improving the knowledge and understanding of all children. Although most of the material is Afrocentric, its content does not understate the significance of other cultures, rather it serves to place the cultural diversity and achievements of Africans in the correct place among the world's cultures.

This knowledge serves to place each and every race in a position of mutual respect and clearly shows the significance of all cultures in the minds and hearts of our diverse student population. BBI's programs can facilitate easy access to this knowledge, and as a result increase cultural understanding and racial harmony.


A wide range of factual information collected from reliable sources that attest to the contributions of people of African descent in a variety of areas

Exercises and activities that further facilitate the students' understanding of the program material

Appropriate text size and level of difficulty for the different grade levels

Easy classification of all information in their various subjects

A bibliography that acts as a further search for more information

includes new and updated images, articles, sounds, and the exciting new game "Who Wants to be an African Historian Extraordinaire!"

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